The Birth of Destruction

Destructive Studios has been a dream of mine for a long time, when the development tool Unity came into my life everything changed.

I realised I could put together a decent game with the use of the great resources found on the worlds game asset marketplaces, and deploy almost the same code to all gaming platforms.

The idea of being able to work on games anywhere in the world with just my trusty laptop was enticing, so I decided to quit my job after working in the corporate world for over 13 years, and travel the world making games.

Destructive Studios was created in Sydney Australia where I am from, but I've been developing as I travel. So far in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Machu Picchu, Brazil at Carnival, Miami at Spring break, New Orleans, LA, San Diego, Costa Rica, Vancouver, Manchester, Mexico and the Carribean!

It's been a crazy ride getting this game off the ground, and I have a lot more planned for this company, I can't wait to show you all.