Rockstar Mojo is the start a long track of games coming in the next few years.

I've spent a lot of time making a re-usable framework which can be ported across to many games.

Future title ideas

Here are some of the ideas floating around

  • City Builder

    I have an idea which involves making a city builder, but then allowing the players to actually use their city after they have built it, i.e. walk around the city and look at it from the ground, drive a car around, and use the facilities of the city

    This could include mini-games like dodgem cars, the horse racing track, roller disco, night clubs, bars, and movie cinemas, all interactable.

  • Possessed

    This is a first person shooter title where the main character dies and becomes a ghost with the ability to possess people for short durations, and involves possessing key npc's in the game to perform certain tasks. For example, an engineer is the only person who can open a door, the player then has to possess the engineer to open the door.

    The action comes when the player possesses security guards or policement.

More to come!