Rockstar Mojo begins in the future and you are a Rockstar, famous, rich, and hella attractive. An Evil Scientist is concocting a plan to steal your Mojo!

Chase the Evil scientist through three different themed worlds to get your Mojo back!  An action platformer with loads of weapons and bad guys, bosses, vehicles, and a whole lot more!

Early Access

You can join Early Access on Android by following this link:

Rockstar Mojo on Google Play for Android


  • Multiplayer Deathmatches of up to 8 players! 3 Maps to begin with.
  • 24 Weapons! Ranging from crossbows, axes and swords, to flamethrowers, miniguns, and anti gravity guns!
  • Many bad guys each with different random weapon configurations
  • Portal system making use of 3d depth
  • Double Jumps!
  • Wall Running!
  • Moving platforms and traps
  • Boss battles! Each with their own strategy required to beat them
  • Vehicles including Monster Trucks with rocket launchers, to Mech's with mini guns and homing missles
  • Many more weapons and vehicles planned over the next few months