Rockstar Mojo Press Release


Rockstar Mojo is an Action Platformer coming to Android.

Release Date:
July 2015

Available on Android now
iOS and PC in the near future

Destructive Studios
Based in Manchester, UK currently
Founding date:
February 22nd, 2012

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Rockstar Mojo is an Action Platformer in a 3D Environment, with 2D Controls(sometimes known as 2.5D). The game takes advantage of the 3D space with it's portal system, allowing multiple depths in the worlds to be used.

The game is being released in a Beta test phase coming to Android first, then iOS, and PC. All content unlocked during beta will extend to the official release.

Free to Play title with in app purchases.
It is expected that approx $7.50USD will unlock just about everything in the game, although all items can be obtained with gold collected whilst playing. (Subject to change whilst going through beta)


Rockstar Mojo begins in the future and you are a Rockstar, famous, rich, and hella attractive. Meanwhile a jealous Evil Scientist is concocting a diabolical plan!

After one of your gigs, the Scientist sneaks into your apartment and extracts your Mojo!

Chase the Evil scientist through three different themed worlds set in different times to get your Mojo back!  An action platformer with loads of weapons and bad guys, bosses, vehicles, and a whole lot more!


  • 24 Weapons! Ranging from crossbows, axes and swords, to flamethrowers, miniguns, and anti gravity guns!
  • Dozens of bad guys each with multiple random weapon configurations
  • Portal system making use of 3d depth
  • Double Jumps!
  • Wall Running!
  • Moving platforms and traps
  • In game store with Armor items which improve player stats
  • Using the NVidia PhysX physics system, with Ragdoll Physics, and dynamically destructable vehicles/characters/props
  • Save all your information to the cloud, and no matter on what device/platform you play, you'll use the same data
  • Weapon effects including Decapitation, Giblets, Elemental Effects like fire, along with Parental controls
  • Boss battles! Each with their own strategy required to beat them
  • Vehicles including Monster Trucks with rocket launchers, to Mech's with mini guns and homing missles

In Development

  • Many more weapons, armor items and vehicles
  • Two more themed worlds containing 15 levels each, along with an additional 5 levels for each existing themed worlds, coming to a total of 5x15=75 levels
  • Currently only 3 main characters to choose from in the game, this will be expanded to 6-12 in the coming months, with your favourite rock stars in the mix. Request one!
  • Plans for weapons and characters to be re-usable in other DS games
  • Multiplayer to be added in the next few months, currently 2 player co-op and Team Death Match is being experimented with

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